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We take great pride in offering exceptional services. Our goal is to ensure your safety and comfort while discussing your questions or concerns. Our in-depth approach to patient care will always be partnered with quality care. To begin your journey with our practice, please call our office at (858) 588-4845 for more information.

Find Comfort In Your Own Body

Pelvic Floor Solutions With Dr. Danielle Owens

Delivering the utmost professional and personalized care for women all around the world. We provide evaluation and treatment for an array of pelvic floor and women’s health issues.

We educate our patients to help curate an individualized experience at all times.

Financial Information

We look forward to welcoming you to our family. You will play an active role in your treatment and your voice will be heard when you have questions or concerns.


We do not accept insurance. However, our staff will work with you, to find the best treatment plan within your budget. Please call us to make an appointment and we will answer any questions you may have.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and personal checks. 

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